Lost dreams and wishes

As a child I was fearless, full of crazy ambitious dreams of adventure. I wanted to be someone new everyday, a dancer, a pirate, a gymnast in a traveling circus.
Life was just one big opportunity.
Where does all that ambition go? When does the world go from adventure to responsibility? Life becomes an endless list of jobs and responsibilities from morning until night. Then when you lie in bed you start to ponder all the next days list. On and on it goes with no end.
Until I started to fight back. I realised that girl does still exist and her dreams still exist. Every day when I write I slip away in to that exciting world of adventure where I can become anyone.
Suddenly I can perform magic, fight great battles, save damsels in distress.
There’s a secret world inside all of us. All you need is to allow it chance to escape then the wishes of childhood can live on forever.


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