Excerpt from Escaping Hell’s Fire

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For three thousand years the inhabitants of Hell had bowed to the will of the black queen Mendula. Quaking in fear each time she raised her voice or turned her fearsome gaze in their direction. The eternal fires of Hell were cool compared to the searing flames; her magic unleashed through her hand on any unwary subject who unwittingly caused her anger to rise; or more often on any who happened to step vaguely in the line of fire.
At the moment she stalked furiously through the hallowed halls of Lucifer’s kingdom; reducing his servants to dust, bellowing, ‘Lucifer, where are you? You pathetic, worthless, worm-like demon.’ Silence met her demands as servants and advisers swiftly retreated from sight. She wrenched open door after door looking for her prey. In her anger she pulled them from their frames; tossing them aside; leaving a trail of debris in her wake.
Reluctant to be on the receiving end of Mendula’s temper again, Lucifer snuck down the servant’s staircase and out into the court yard followed by his three trusted advisers, ‘She has got to go,’ he whined, ‘Can’t you find some way of getting rid of her? I’m a god I shouldn’t have to sneak around.’ Fear cowed his body and his hand visibly shook as he scratched behind his neck in a nervous habit. The stronger and more aggressive Mendula got, the less power Lucifer controlled; leaving him feeling vulnerable and afraid.
Another crash followed by agonizing screaming sounding through an upstairs window; Shattered glass rained down on the courtyard below as Mendula threw huge molten fire balls, burning everyone and everything in her path.
The four demons looked up and shuddered, ‘I’ll have no servants left at this rate,’ Lucifer moaned dejectedly. ‘Maybe we should continue this conversation somewhere else,’ suggested Dramada; the chief torturer, looking cautiously upwards towards the castle. The Demons slunk into the shadows heading towards the nearest bar. Mendula never bothered to look in the dingy back street dives so they should be fairly safe until her temper died down or something or someone else distracted her.
Mendula’s rage echoed throughout Hell. ‘You’ll wish you never brought me here. I’ll turn your kingdom to ashes! Lucifer!’
‘I’ve been regretting it for three thousand years. What more does she want?’ asked Lucifer in exasperation. He took a large gulp of whiskey and felt its soothing warmth slide smoothly down his throat. His mind cast back to that fateful day when he had spotted her naked and writhing in a pool of blood; belonging to the three lovers she had just fucked and slaughtered, and plucked her from the Earthly plane to be his queen. How was he supposed to know she would be completely ungrateful? He had thought they would rule in glorious union; where he slaked his lust on her body several times a day. Not several times in a century under duress. He grimaced and sunk into a brooding silence.
Flames flashed through every window in the castle; the glow from the blaze lit up the city like a bright morning sun. Glass shattered and stone bricks fell heavily to the ground. ‘You’ll be needing new servants later then,’ commented Gabriel with a laugh; he enjoyed these performances as long as he was a safe distance away. He took out his notebook and made a note to get someone to drag the swamp of eternal despair for more castle servants. The demon population had almost all refused to enter the castle since it was such a high risk occupation.
Gabriel watched the pyrotechnics with a cynical air. Sometimes he found working for the Lord of the Underworld very distasteful. He didn’t understand why he didn’t use some of the power; he was always bragging about, to have her stopped. More and more lately they were ensconced in the tavern with the snivelling coward. While he whined and moaned about the woman. Gabriel didn’t belong to a time or culture where women had any rights. They were purely for the purpose of warming his bed and if they didn’t do as they were told you severely punished them.
‘I have a suggestion Lord,’ grovelled Edward; Lucifer’s personal assistant, ‘We could send her back to Earth. There is a blood moon rising in a month. You could command the covens to call her as your emissary.’ he waited eagerly for a response; hands clasped and eyes piously turned towards his master.
Dramada looked sceptical for a moment, ‘that’s actual a really good idea,’ he exclaimed, ‘but will the queen go for it?’ Somewhere in the back of his mind was a fleeting memory of the same idea entering his head. He rejected the thought immediately he wouldn’t have known that information.
‘We won’t ask her,’ replied Lucifer with a sly smile, suddenly feeling a way to take control had presented itself. ‘We’ll just get her up there and then the Earth is on its own.’ He laughed loudly; a cold soulless echo reverberated around the kingdom.
‘Lucifer!’ Mendula began screeching again; as soon as the sound of laughter reached her.
Lucifer sighed, his demeanour returning to its downtrodden norm, ‘Come on, we have a lot to do. She has to go.’ He looked towards Gabriel, ‘Go and find me the city with the largest black coven,’ he instructed, ‘and you,’ pointing to Edward, ‘fetch me the Dreamcaster.’
Lucifer walked towards Dramada licking his lips in anticipation; a hungry gleam shone from his eyes, ‘I’ll be breaking in the new arrivals if anyone needs me.’ He rested a companionable arm across the Torturers’ shoulder and smiled evilly. Dramada bowed his head in deference and indicated for Lucifer to take the lead. The two Demons glided off into the gloom.
‘Do you really think this will work?’ asked Gabriel; studying the small toady assistant. Edward sniggered; ‘I wouldn’t like to be on Earth if it does, she’ll kill everyone on It.’ he let out a peculiar snorting hiccuping sound. Gabriel looked at him in disgust. He longed to get a reprieve to leave the Underworld permanently. Mendula’s plan appeared to be working. Maybe if he did this right, he’d have his ticket out. His eyes gleamed with excitement.
Realising Edward was watching him suspiciously he cowed his eyes, with his long dark eyelashes, ‘Better get on and follow the master’s wishes,’ he commented arrogantly, before clicking his fingers and flashing out of Hell.
Gabriel was amazed to find himself in England, ‘I thought the largest coven in the world would be somewhere cool like New York or possibly New Orleans. Where the Hell am I?’ he exclaimed in frustration. Spotting a strangely orange looking young girl he strolled over. Using his considerable good looks and charm to mesmerise her; he began asking questions. Firstly he discovered that the inhabitants had a complicated slang based language; which was spoken in a pleasant sing song accent. Secondly he was in some place called Sunderland and he had no idea why it was called that because it was raining and cold.
He shivered violently as he stood for a minute contemplating; after the intense heat of the underworld he had hoped for a balmier climate. He looked around, at the people scurrying in and out of the shops. He began to smile to himself. Most of the girls; aside from spraying themselves an eye watering shade of orange, were pretty; with long hair, lots of make up, high heels, low cut bosom displaying tops and very short skirts. ‘This place has potential,’ he purred to himself feeling his libido rise. ‘You’re there to work. Get on with it.’ Lucifer’s whiny voice echoed through his mind.
Gabriel sighed frustrated and walked off through the city centre looking for a place to stay. He reached a large river; that split the city in two. On the side of the bank stood a large glass and steel tower block; the penthouse apartment had a large steel wrap round veranda. ‘That looks a good place to get noticed,’ he said to himself.
He marched purposefully into the building and took the lift to the top floor. Knocking loudly on the door he waited; tapping his foot impatiently. A small smartly dressed Chinese man answered, ‘Can I help you?’ he asked politely; looking a little confused. Gabriel smiled grimly, ‘It’s time for you to leave,’ he instructed; touching the man on his forehead. The spot where Gabriel touched glowed for a second. Confused the Chinese man immediately span round; leaving the door wide open, and headed out onto the balcony. Gabriel stood watching in amusement as the small man struggled to climb the railing. Eventually he reached the top; balancing precariously for a matter of seconds; he plunged over the edge. Flailing through the air; he screamed, before splashing heavily into the river and being pulled under by the current.
Gabriel watched until he was satisfied the apartment owner hadn’t survived and then turned to look around his new abode. The apartment was large and open plan. The kitchen and matching units had a sleek black high gloss finish. Everywhere was signs of high end equipment and the 72inch TV screen with surround sound was to die for. Gabriel grinned appreciatively, not bad, he thought to himself; whilst he burned the previous owner’s belongings.
Next thing he needed to do was cut Lucifer’s connection so he couldn’t see through his eyes or know everything he was thinking. It was a fairly simple spell. One amongst many he had learned from Mendula; whilst he had been warming her bed. Gabriel smiled wickedly to himself. Mendula may not have been grateful to Lucifer for taking her but she had certainly been more than grateful to him; several times a night for nearly a thousand years.
He tingled at the thought of his wicked Queen. She drove him to heights of ecstasy he had only previously imagined. Her lithe body and inventive mind stretched him like no other. For her he was willing to risk everything.
He took a small piece of brimstone from his pocket. Twisting it round and round in his fingers he recanted the Demonic phrase he had learned by heart. Six times he twisted the stone and chanted; careful to only turn it anti clockwise on the sixth turn he wiped the stone across his eyes and his forehead and then threw it out of the patio doors. He watched it fall over the edge of the balcony and down to the river below.
It took a matter of minutes for his cell phone to begin ringing, ‘What is going on? Why can’t I see?’ demanded Lucifer. ‘I don’t know,’ replied Gabrielle innocently, ‘it just stopped and I felt you disappear,’ his heart pounded and he held his breath nervously waiting. ‘Well I expect you to keep me upto date,’ replied Lucifer; obviously disgruntled. He slammed down the phone and Gabriel was left listening to the disconnected sound. Breathing out slowly he smiled softly to himself. He hadn’t been sure if the spell would actually work as there had been no way to test it. In Hell Lucifer kept his own council and stayed out of the minds of others because his power was magnified by the Underground cavernous space; so rather than connecting with one or two individuals, if he opened his mind he would be connected to every lost tortured soul. Rather than risk that unsavoury scenario he saved the gift for his minions on the human plain.
Relieved that the first stage in his plan was complete Gabriel began his next spell to find the location of the Blood Coven. He needed to get himself a way in with the group as quickly as possible if he was going to free his beloved before Lucifer realised it was a trap.
Mendula lay naked on her bed enjoying the administrations of one of her new servants. There was nothing to do in this ghastly place except sex; which she did inventively and often, with as many different partners as possible. Her current partner was a well hung Italian who had arrived a few days ago; shot to death by the irate husband of one of his many lovers. Tall, handsome and muscular; she had enjoyed his girth and vigour but already his appeal was beginning to pale. He lacked the stamina and inventiveness and his constant repetitive hammering; although stretching her nicely was beginning to become dull. She picked up a sharp curved gold knife blade and at the moment of climax, slit his throat.. He vanished in a shower of ashes. Mendula cursed violently. No one in this place bled except for the natural inhabitants of Hell and Mendula preferred having sex with those who had at least started out as human. She loved the feel of blood rippling over her body; the mingling of orgasm with the body’s final spasms of existence. The feeling of warm sticky liquid flowing over her breasts. She stroked her body; tracing the lines of her memories. Her juices ran at the thought and her body craved pleasure. She wished for a second that Gabriel was there to provide her with endless, mind blowing torment. She paused a smile flashed quickly on her lips as she anticipated rejoining him; free at last. Sighing irritably she returned her thoughts to more immediate gratification.
She rose naked from the large circular bed and seductively moved towards the door. She pulled the heavy oak door open and cast her smouldering eyes over the two young demons guarding the door. Smiling to herself she quickly identified them as Galibrians; demons with human features but more importantly three penises; front, back and one hidden in the mouth. Just like an orgy without lots of messy bodies getting in the way, thought Mendula happily. She licked her lips. She stepped towards the taller red head and rubbed her naked body up against him. She grabbed his hand and stuck it between her legs so he could feel her excitement. ‘You’re first,’ she purred, ‘followed by you,’ she ordered turning her attention to the smaller well formed blonde. The red haired guard surprised her by taking charge and lifting her off her feet. He strode purposefully into the room and threw her on the bed. She landed spread eagle and he took the opportunity to shackle her to the chains hanging above each corner of the bed. Mendula felt herself becoming overwhelmed with longing. ‘What are you doing?’ she challenged. ‘Shut up,’ growled the guard as he discarded his clothes, ‘I’m here to fuck you not have a pleasant chat.’
Mendula’s heart pounded with excitement as he uncurled a long thick leather whip and used it to kiss her hot skin. Pain mingled with pleasure as he lashed her exposed clitoris. She cried out in ecstasy, begging for more. He turned the whip in his hand and rammed the wide handle into her gaping pussy. Mendula screamed in delight as he continued to thrust. She felt herself orgasm. Her head hung back and her back arched to receive more. The guard changed tactics. He removed the whip and picked up a semi burnt candle off a stand close to the bed. He poured the burning wax over her erect nipples; enjoying her screams of pain. He continued his onslaught; pouring wax down between her breasts and over the slight curve of her stomach. Carefully dropped the last few remaining spots between her eager thighs.
Interested by her perversions the guard looked around for more toys to try. He found an extremely thick vibrator and forced it into her anus. Mendula struggled, ‘Lay still,’ he commanded, ‘you’re my slave now and you’ll take anything I give you.’ Mendula’s passion soared she loved to play games with dominant men. Her lips parted in ecstasy and the guard took the opportunity to sit on her face, ‘take both sets of balls in your mouth,’ he demanded. Mendula opened her mouth wide; feeling his long shafts push against the back of her mouth. He thrust hard; forcing her to swallow more and more. Leaning forward his tongue changed shape and a third solid erection appeared between his lips. He plunged it hard into her pussy.
Mendula lost consciousness for a moment as multiple orgasms ripped through her body. The guard changed places so his body connected to every available hole. He gripped her breasts painfully as he drove her on and on.
She felt like her body would dissolve the pleasure was so intense. Every muscle strained for his attention. Blood rushed through her system.
Lucifer watched her through his magic mirror. He felt himself grow in anticipation as he watched her climax again and again.. He rushed to the chamber and demanded the guard leave. Reluctantly the guard stood and retrieved his clothes, ‘go down to the kitchen and find a serving girl or two to slake your lust,’ instructed Lucifer. The guard nodded and retreated out of the door.
Lucifer stepped closer to the bed and scratched a talon over her inflamed clitoris. Mendula bucked and writhed on the bed in anger as she tried to escape her unbreakable bonds. ‘Now, now, now. You know how much that excites me,’ Lucifer chuckled sadistically, ‘You can’t be allowed to destroy an entire castle of servants without punishment.’
Mendula watched him warily through the small slits in the leather mask; he had pushed over her head. His clothes evaporated and he stood before her in his reptilian glory; his excitement large and obvious to see. In his hand he held the long leather bull whip He flexed the handle; the whip curled forward lashing her inner thigh. Mendula gasped in pleasure, ‘Oh you’re not going to enjoy this,’ he informed her, ‘I am going to use you for my pleasure and then the palace guards can do as they please.’ Mendula didn’t respond. Again as so many times before Lucifer had miscalculated. He didn’t understand her enjoyment went far beyond any depth of depravity he could imagine. The only thing that actually repulsed her beyond measure was looking at him in his true demon form.
Lucifer mounted the bed. His forked tongue flicking excitedly between her legs. It’s long length reaching her pleasure points easily. Mendula moaned again; lost in the mounting heat. He reached his claws around her bottom and dragged her upwards until he had clear access; pushing a long talon finger deep inside her anus he continued to lick away her moisture. ‘You always taste so good,’ he growled quietly. For a second Mendula felt repulsed remembering who claimed her open body but as he continued to probe she was again lost in sensation.
Feeling he had waited long enough Lucifer forced his wide spiked grey member deep inside. He felt himself grow as she screamed out in pain. Usually he changed to his human form to have sex with humans but he revelled in forcing himself in his true form into the witch’s wet willing body.
Unlike most demons Lucifer lacked stamina and climaxed quickly. He pretended to be bored with her and rose from the bed, ‘You’re not worth any more of my time,’ he sneered, ‘but the servants and guards might enjoy a go. You’re not much use for anything else. He stalked out of the door without a backwards glance. Content to go back to his chambers and watch the action from there.
Guard after guard took his turn; eager to exact his revenge on the witch who terrorised the entire Underworld. Each fell under her sexual spell; giving her endless brutal pleasure. Mendula encouraged each man to go longer than ever before. Enjoying each new orgasm that ripped through her. She gratefully received the attentions of the female demons who wanted to experiment and grab a piece of the action. Her only regret was her arms being chained so she couldn’t return their touches with her own.
Not satisfied with her response to his punishment Lucifer opened the gate and allowed every demon and creature in the land to take a turn. He laughed evilly to himself; congratulating himself on his vile plan, as day after day his subjects lined the streets outside the palace eagerly waiting.
In her room Mendula smiled to herself. Sex gave her power and thanks to the idiot Lords punishment; she was becoming invincible. By the time Gabriel had worked out how to free her she would be able to slaughter Lucifer and blow Hell into a million red hot pieces. Then the whole world would be hers for the taking. She imagined the streets running with blood; helpless victims screaming and begging for mercy while she and Gabriel turned them to slaves and forced them to receive every bit of unwanted attention. The thrill of anticipation coursed through her. Only a few short weeks to wait and with all the delicious attention she would be more than ready.
She smiled as the next creature entered. The outlying land creatures were the best; large muscular and with days of stamina. She licked her lips in anticipation; maybe a few weeks without Gabriel wasn’t going to be as boring as she thought, ‘you can let more than one in at a time, don’t want to keep everyone waiting now do we?’ she taunted the guard. Her eyes opening wide as he took her at her word and motioned two more demons inside.


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