Christmas memories

Before you dash out on a shopping frenzy pause for a moment and consider what you remember about Christmas as a child.
For many I doubt you can remember more than a handful of gifts you recieved. Christmas is far more than getting the latest gadget. it’s about surprises, finding that little item that you know someone in your family will love.
Building family traditions, decorating the tree together. Cooking and passing on family recipes.
Mostly it’s about time. Putting old arguements aside. Forgetting about work commitments or problems and devoting one whole day to the people who matter to you.
I promise in ten years time your kids won’t remember that must have toy you didn’t get but they will remember dad singing kareoke badly or nana falling over playing twister.
They will pass on to their own children the joy of waking up to a pillow case full of toys on their bed. Eating selection boxes for breakfast. The special way of cooking the turkey.
Christmas has many important reasons for many different people.
For me its about love.


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