The best time of day to write

I find I get far more work done if I try to stick to a routine. Since I fit writing in round my family, training horses and giving riding lessons daytime writing doesn’t really work for me, unless I get a burst of inspiration that just won’t wait.
Night time is great. I wait till everyone is asleep and the dogs are curled up on the sofa snoring. Then I’m free to let my imagination run wild.
My current heroine is battling confusion, the death of her parents and a place in demon university.
Considering what her class mates should be like and her budding relationship with the mysterious and troubled Vlad can take all night.
But in the early hours nothing else exists, no jobs that need to be done. No dogs that need walking or chickens to be fed.
just the people and places that reside in my head. A world that I try to bring to life and share with others.


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