Life choices

Why do so many people choose to live in fear? To allow soul destroying secrets to naw away at their self respect. Till they destroy their ability to hold on to those they love.
Life is a series of choices and anything that feels like it has to be a dirty secret is obviously a bad one.
Children don’t have a chance to choose so they rely on adults to provide them with what they need.
As an adult your life is your own. No one can make you repeat the mistakes of your ancestors. If your unhappy then work out why and do something about it.
No one has to stay in an unhealthy relationship or keep friends who make them feel bad. That job you hate so much doesn’t have to be a life long career.
Look in a mirror and start liking yourself. Give yourself permission to be happy.
If you don’t believe your entitled to love, respect and happiness no one else will either.
Stop accepting less. Stop hiding the hurts and frustration. Make a stand and don’t back down.
Everyone is beautiful. Everyone is intelligent and able to make decisions. Everyone matters.
Believe that you are and you will.


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