A mother’s love

I’ve never thought of my self as a natural mother. When I first became pregnant I wasn’t over joyed with the idea of carrying a life nor was I madly in love as soon as my child was born.
Love was more of a gradual change as my children developed personalities of their own, until it became an all consuming unconditional love.
Children aren’t an extension of their parents. Their not there to live out our dreams or for fill our ambitions. Our successes and failures are our own and its not fair to expect the next generation to correct our mistakes.
They are unique individuals with hopes and dreams of their own.
It has been my greatest pleasure in life to introduce my children to the world around them and to encourage them to develop in to the adults they want to be.
Each is very different but I am enormously of them all and I watch with pleasure as they do the same for their children.
The most precious gift you can give your child is the love and confidence to be themselves.


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