Christmas memories

Before you dash out on a shopping frenzy pause for a moment and consider what you remember about Christmas as a child.
For many I doubt you can remember more than a handful of gifts you recieved. Christmas is far more than getting the latest gadget. it’s about surprises, finding that little item that you know someone in your family will love.
Building family traditions, decorating the tree together. Cooking and passing on family recipes.
Mostly it’s about time. Putting old arguements aside. Forgetting about work commitments or problems and devoting one whole day to the people who matter to you.
I promise in ten years time your kids won’t remember that must have toy you didn’t get but they will remember dad singing kareoke badly or nana falling over playing twister.
They will pass on to their own children the joy of waking up to a pillow case full of toys on their bed. Eating selection boxes for breakfast. The special way of cooking the turkey.
Christmas has many important reasons for many different people.
For me its about love.


Dealing with lifes disappointments

The world is full of disappointments. Some very small, like the clothes you bought for an important night out not looking as good as you wanted or burning a special meal.
Some are huge, plans not working out, missing out on a promotion.
Sometimes its people who have let you down.
The point is it’s not the disappointment that matters, it’s how you choose to deal with it.
You could sulk, moan, complain for the rest of your life. Holding the misery tightly as an example of how bad your life is or you can choose to move on in a positive way.
Does a slightly burned meal really matter? You can change the way you look, live,love and work. Nothing is impossible if you really want to achieve.
Look at the next disappointment as a wake up call and start shaping your life the way you want it.
It might be tough in the beginning but when your happy and where you want to be it’ll have been worth every disappointment.

Just Released: New Blogging U. Ebooks

The Blog

Our recent Writing 101 and Writing 201 Blogging U. courses were a huge success — so we thought you should be able to enjoy them even if your schedule didn’t allow you to take them in real time.

We’re happy to announce that both courses are now offered as free ebooks, available for download in .pdf, .mobi (Kindle), and .epub (iBooks) formats. While conceived with nonfiction writers in mind, fiction writers (we know you’re out there, NaNoWriMo participants!) could find both courses just as useful.

Which ebook should you choose?

Writing 101: Build a Blogging Habit was initially designed as a four-week course. It includes 20 writing prompts, each with its own (optional) twist to push your writing in new directions, from improving your descriptions to thinking about voice and pace. In ebook form, now you can follow the course at your own rhythm and in any order you wish.

Writing 201: Finding Your…

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The best time of day to write

I find I get far more work done if I try to stick to a routine. Since I fit writing in round my family, training horses and giving riding lessons daytime writing doesn’t really work for me, unless I get a burst of inspiration that just won’t wait.
Night time is great. I wait till everyone is asleep and the dogs are curled up on the sofa snoring. Then I’m free to let my imagination run wild.
My current heroine is battling confusion, the death of her parents and a place in demon university.
Considering what her class mates should be like and her budding relationship with the mysterious and troubled Vlad can take all night.
But in the early hours nothing else exists, no jobs that need to be done. No dogs that need walking or chickens to be fed.
just the people and places that reside in my head. A world that I try to bring to life and share with others.

First love, the best? Not likely!

I am a romantic at heart but I’m really not sold on the idea of your first love being the best.
If was so great why didn’t it last? Does that first flush of attraction and untried sexual feelings make you forget why it didn’t work.
For me real love is lasting. The one worth remembering and measuring against is the one who is there through thick and thin.
The person who sees you in all moods and situations and loves you anyway.
Its the person you build a lifetime of memories with. Who can make your heart beat faster just with a smile.
Its nice to be the first but far more important to be the last because that’s the love that really counts.

Life choices

Why do so many people choose to live in fear? To allow soul destroying secrets to naw away at their self respect. Till they destroy their ability to hold on to those they love.
Life is a series of choices and anything that feels like it has to be a dirty secret is obviously a bad one.
Children don’t have a chance to choose so they rely on adults to provide them with what they need.
As an adult your life is your own. No one can make you repeat the mistakes of your ancestors. If your unhappy then work out why and do something about it.
No one has to stay in an unhealthy relationship or keep friends who make them feel bad. That job you hate so much doesn’t have to be a life long career.
Look in a mirror and start liking yourself. Give yourself permission to be happy.
If you don’t believe your entitled to love, respect and happiness no one else will either.
Stop accepting less. Stop hiding the hurts and frustration. Make a stand and don’t back down.
Everyone is beautiful. Everyone is intelligent and able to make decisions. Everyone matters.
Believe that you are and you will.

Does size matter?

I was reading an article today about book size being related to genre and I started to wonder which matters more size or content?
When I’m reading I prefer to read a well written, fast moving book over a long drawn out novel. I have a short attention span and loose interest very quickly with anything that feels like pointless chapters.
So as a writer how do you judge how much is enough? After some investigation I have discovered fantasies are mostly around 50,000 words, romances 80,000, family sagas and crime fiction over 80,000
Having gained this information I’m not too sure how helpful it was since I now find myself checking word count instead of concentrating on content.
My advise to any new writers would be, write your story to the best of your ability and when its finished its finished. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing.