why settle for a toxic relationship?

As a writer im facinated by relationships. But what interests me most is the people who stay in bad ones.
Why after a few months of dating someone, when it isn’t working out would you think we’re working on it? Why bother? Your not married, have children together, bought a house so why not just say its not for me goodbye.
The same with people putting up with being bullied, insulted, abused, where is your self respect?
You don’t deserve it. You didn’t make them behave like than and the most important factor to remember. They don’t love you and their not sorry.
Someone who loves you cares about your welfare. They protect you from harm not slap you around. They like your personality and enjoy your company. You are not stupid, ugly,fat,or any other degrading name.
People who love you trust you. They do not police your behaviour, friends or daily activities.
If your relationship has any of those negative factors its time to get out now!
You deserve better but you only get what your willing to settle for. Aim high nothing less than love is worth having.
Celebrate the good guys and nice girls because their the ones to build a good life with. Bad boys and bitches don’t change they just bring drama, misery and a life time of heart ache so kick em to the kerb.
You are definitely worth more.


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