surviving the dating game

First before you enter the battle ground decide what your really looking for. Is it Mr or Miss right now or something more?
If its right now then enjoy it for what it is and expect it to end. There’s no point limping along in a relationship that was never meant to last.
If its that ellusive something more, its time to get ruthlessly honest with yourself and proactive about finding it.
1. There are no fixer uppers. You can’t change peoples personalities so if its not right LEAVE.
2. Decide what really matters to you. Are children, that round the world trip, a house nxt door to the rest of your family etc a make or break deal? If they are then there’s no point in wasting your time on someone who really doesn’t want that because the chances are they won’t change their don’t need to be perfectly compatable but you do need to be heading the same way in life. honest about your own potential. On a scale of one to ten where do you rate? People predominantly find matches within a couple of grades of their own so to increase your chances make sure your not over rating your own appeal and missing out on potential happiness.
4. Go on dates and get to know your potential partner rather than imagining it as an existing relationship. Talk about hopes and dreams and plans for the future and more importantly listen to what they say.
5. The most important rule of all if its not right leave. Don’t limp on until your living together, have children etc. Consider dating like an interview. There can only be one winner so why miss out on the good one and waste your life on the runner up.
Life is too short to waste it not being happy. Take control and happy hunting.


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