No smiling and platitudes

To understand this post I guess I should explain, when people say are you a glass half empty or full person. I’m a glass completely full person, a complete optimised. Nothing ever gets me down for more than a few minutes.
So first discovering all this no smiling at people is seriously depressing and definately affects my usually cheerful mood was a big surprise and second for the first time ever someone told me things would be better in the morning.
Which got me thinking about platitudes.
They do hold a small grain of truth but what people forget to mention is that life only changes if you are proactive about it. There’s no point in just waiting for it to happen. You need to identify the problems which are making you unhappy and form a plan of action to deal with them. Then tomorrow will be better.
I’m starting smiling again tomorrow. I’ve discovered what I wanted to know, body language is vital in interaction and the world is definitely a better place if you take a few seconds to smile.


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