dogs are a girls best friend

I am an animal lover in general and have lots of different types of pets but nothing can compare with dogs.
They love you no matter what you weigh. They don’t care if you bothered to put on makeup or how successful you are at your job.
They’re just happy to be with you, committed for a whole lifetime without any doubts.
There to snuggle on the sofa without wanting to pinch the remote, happy to eat whatever is on the menu without complaint.
They understand your moods and are there offering support or joining in the fun, always with unconditional love.
Its a shame human relationships aren’t as perfect.


Angels and demons

The world is full of good and evil but how do we know if angels and demons truely exist.
Are they disguised as people or whispering in the ears of suceptable minds?
Can you get a glimpse from the corner of your eye, like a ghost or a shadow.
the world has to ultimately balance so the fight must go on.
The question that interests me most is what would happen if one side won?
Could humans live forever in eternal happiness or is it just our nature to destroy.
Throughout the world people hurt each other, sometimes in big ways, sometimes just with careless words or actions. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see what happened if we all just stopped. Started putting others first and considered our actions more closely. I wonder if angels would suddenly become easier to see.

Soul mates

Isn’t it strange how someone can come in to your life and in seconds feel like they have always been there and other people can be around for a lifetime and never be close.
Soul mates are priceless be they ur best friend who knows you inside out and is always there when you need them or the love of your life.
Those unshakeable bonds that tie you willingly to another are what makes life have that extra sparkle and help us through the tougher times.
That fact they are rare is what makes them priceless and to be treasured because life would be hard without them to share the load.

No smiling and platitudes

To understand this post I guess I should explain, when people say are you a glass half empty or full person. I’m a glass completely full person, a complete optimised. Nothing ever gets me down for more than a few minutes.
So first discovering all this no smiling at people is seriously depressing and definately affects my usually cheerful mood was a big surprise and second for the first time ever someone told me things would be better in the morning.
Which got me thinking about platitudes.
They do hold a small grain of truth but what people forget to mention is that life only changes if you are proactive about it. There’s no point in just waiting for it to happen. You need to identify the problems which are making you unhappy and form a plan of action to deal with them. Then tomorrow will be better.
I’m starting smiling again tomorrow. I’ve discovered what I wanted to know, body language is vital in interaction and the world is definitely a better place if you take a few seconds to smile.

Wasted love

Why do people continue to hanker after lost loves?
I have huge problems with this idea. If someone doesn’t love you, its sad but that’s their right. You can’t make someone want you.
So why not move right along? Get out, meet people. Find a new life and interests. Then you’ll find a new love too. Might be the one that lasts a life time, might not but at least you’d be living instead of wasting your time away.
I’m a romantic at heart but love takes two, so if your partner doesn’t want to be there its not love.

Day one of no smiling

I discovered quite a lot about myself today. Firstly I smile at an amazing amount of people over the course of a day.
Secondly its really hard to remember not to smile because its predominently a reflex action and most important of all. Missing out on that interaction is a serious mood dampener.
I felt isolated and disheartened and peoples reactions to me where considerably less friendly than usual. Shopkeepers took less trouble over serving me and no one new spoke to me all day.

Night time thoughts

Lying in the dark, trying to go to sleep my mind drifts to wondering about strange things.
For example how do you know when your dreaming and not thinking? And what is actually the difference?
Is a dream your body’s way of making you aware of unknown wants and desires and should we actually pay attention and act on these now revealed thoughts?
I get most of my inspiration for writing from dreams and ideas that pop in to my head. Just now im contemplating how an erotic dancing city girl might fair in witness protection as a nanny to lots of children on a farm.
An idea worth sleeping on I think. Night all